Be Well

Supercharge Your Health With A Metabolic Reset

Let's change how you think
about weight loss and health

You may think that you need to starve yourself, work out every day, or invest in the latest "magic" pill or potion to lose a substantial amount of weight. 

You may have also heard oversimplifications,  like "eat less and move more."  


If you've tried any of those things, you know one thing for certain: they don't work don't need to starve, work out, or buy the latest magic (and useless) supplement.


All you really need
are three things:

  • A proven system
  • Guidance from a health professional
  • Accountability and support

All you need is a reset...

The Metabolic Reset

The last diet you'll ever need

Reset your metabolism and supercharge your health

A proven system

powered by cutting-edge science 

Step by step guidance

from a certified health professional

Support & Accountability

from a group of like minded individuals

The Metabolic Reset Blueprint

is broken up in to three phases...

Loading Phase

Ramp up your metabolism in order to see a big drop in weight early on.

Release Phase

Focus on foods & habits that help you release body fat and enjoy incredible energy levels.

Lifestyle Phase

Maintain or continue to gradually lose weight until you reach your ultimate goals.

You'll be able to eat real, delicious food without
counting calories, starving yourself, or exercising.
(We'll even give you a recipe guide.)

The Metabolic Reset Blueprint


The Be Well Metabolic Reset Blueprint

Twelve Week Group Program

The BE WELL Vibrant Health Metabolic Reset Blueprint is a comprehensive educational program that will give you ALL the necessary tools to finally reach your weight loss and optimal health goals!

  • 12-week Online Program of life-changing actions to transform your life, providing the step-by-step process for achieving your weight loss & health transformation goals. Learn about the benefits of fasting, optimizing your gut health, improving sleep, managing stress, joyful movement, and so much more. 
  • 1:1 Coaching sessions with Melanie. Starting with a comprehensive health history initial consultation, I will help you discover the root cause(s) of all of your symptoms and customize your care to meet you where you are in reaching your health goals.t
  • Exclusive Online Members Area with all the resources in one place.
  • Access to Your Own Private Portal via my Online App for continuous data tracking, food journaling and progress monitoring.
  • Live Weekly Video Group Support Calls to get all your questions answered, connect with Melanie & our Reset family from all over the country who are transforming their lives, and get all the support you need
  • Daily Health Tips for Motivation, Inspiration, Accountability and Support for sustainable and lasting results.
  • Unlimited Messaging Support with Melanie
  • Guest speakers in all areas of wellness with cutting-edge information on improving your health, mindset, and fitness
  • Lifetime Access to the Online Program as well as the Private Facebook Group to continue to support your progress and move into maintaining your health & weight for the long-term. You are welcome to join the weekly Q&A sessions and stay connected to our Reset family, for life.



Welcome Kit Box shipped to your door


Proprietary Professional-Grade Supplements including the BE WELL Vibrant Health Metabolic Support Formula


Official BE WELL Metabolic Reset Manual & Journal


Personal Food Scale


Ganoderma-infused Coffee & Tea to support results and blood sugar control (a secret weapon!)


Official BE WELL Vibrant Health Recipe book


The BE WELL Metabolic Reset program has been a game-changer for me!  Not only did I experience desired weight loss, but I also had less bloating, clearer skin, and little-to-no joint pain from inflammation in my body.  

I became more aware of how sugar, gluten, caffeine and other things affect my body. I finally kicked my bad habit with energy drinks to the curb! I’m looking forward to repeating the program later this year to continue to explore and learn more about how my body reacts to certain foods.


I’ve had a lifelong battle with weight…and I’ve also had [previous] surgery to reduce that weight.  But I gained most of my weight back after surgery. I decided to give Melanie’s Metabolic Reset program a try. I was excited and worried. Worried I’d be disappointed again and have nothing to show for it. Boy, was I wrong. Not only have I lost 30 pounds, but I am free of BP meds, my triglycerides are now normal, my LDL is heading down and my HDL is coming up. My A1C is also going down and my doc asked what I had changed…just my food!  I wish I had done this before surgery. 


I lost a total of 32 pounds of FAT, not just weight, but FAT off of my body.
The time had come for me to be brutally honest with myself regarding my true physical condition and health. I was miserable. It felt like it was now or never for me. I chose life. It is a choice. We do have the power to change. So I did. 

Melanie Daly is a true professional. If you need any support to create long-lasting life changes, please reach out to her. You will discover her expertise extends far beyond nutrition.

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Just a few of the questions we get all the time...

Do I have to take a lot of supplements or shakes?

We believe in "knowledge, not products".  There is one supplement included with the program that is in liquid dropper form and provides some basic vitamins and amino acids. Otherwise, this plan does not require handfuls of pills or gritty shakes to choke down.  We teach you how to nourish yourself with real, whole foods purchased wherever you do your grocery shopping.

Is this similar to a ketogenic diet?

Not exactly. The strategies will most likely result in members going into a ketogenic state, but this is due to reduced caloric intake and reduced simple carbohydrate and sugar intake, versus the ketogenic diet which causes this by promoting consumption of a high amount of fat for daily caloric intake.  The ketogenic diet is therefore a "high fat" diet.  Our program teaches eating low fat, then we promote eating a reasonable amount of healthy fats for the maintenance phase.

Will I keep the weight off?

That depends on you. We do our best to provide you with the tools and the mindset to make lifestyle and diet changes sustainable over the long term. People generally feel so good after 6 weeks that they don't want to go back to the way they were before. We truly believe that what we teach is a long-term strategic health plan that is doable by almost anyone. If you take the time to learn all of the materials, participate in the group calls, are active in the Facebook group, and reach out for help when needed, and then continue to be active in the community beyond the 6 weeks, we see no reason why you couldn't keep working towards your goals (if not yet reached) and stay there. 

What happens if I don't keep the weight off?

Good question. Depending upon the individual, your goal may be to lose more weight than is possible during the initial 12-week program. For those people, we recommend cycling onto the maintenance phase (the "forever diet") and then cycling back into one of our future program groups.  This has allowed some of our members to lose over 70 lbs total over the course of a year.

What if I have a diagnosed health condition?

If you have been diagnosed with any health condition, it is imperative that you check with your healthcare provider(s) before starting any new nutrition or exercise programs.  The best way to describe the plan is to explain that you will be starting a diet that removes all processed foods, reduces refined carbohydrates and sugars, and instead focuses on lean meats, vegetables, and fruit.

Can I participate if I have diabetes?

Yes, with clearance from your healthcare provider(s). A whole foods diet that focuses on complex vs. simple carbohydrates has been shown to be effective for promoting healthy blood glucose levels. If you are taking medications, they will most likely need to be adjusted during this program with the help of the prescribing provider. If you have been prescribed insulin, you must present a note from your doctor stating that they have approved this plan for you and that they will monitor your medications closely and adjust as needed.

Can I participate if I have high blood pressure?

Yes, with clearance from your healthcare provider(s). A whole foods diet that focuses on complex vs. simple carbohydrates has been shown to be effective for promoting healthy blood pressure.  If you are taking medications, they will most likely need to be adjusted during this program with the help of the prescribing provider.

What if I have more questions?

I'm here for you if you need to ask me about your own unique challenges. Simply book a call with me here, and we can talk about it. 

Not sure where to start?